Our woodworking craft primarily consists of using two technologies – computer assisted wood routers and scroll saws. Vast arrays of different products are on offer including house or room name plaques to mug trees and bird boxes. 

Computer Assisted Wood Router

This state of the art technology allows the design and creation of precise, intricate pieces of work using a computer control system.  An array of products is available to you including house or room plaques, crib boards, games tables and more. Once your product design is chosen your tutor will set-up the computer assisted wood router to cut out the product. The afternoon session then allows you to apply any necessary finishing touches to complete your work.  

Scroll Saws

Our scroll saw sessions allow you to make a variety of different products including bird boxes, wine racks, clocks, jigsaws, stools, tables, herb plant holders, letter racks and many more. You select a pattern, which is glued to your chosen wood, then using the scroll saw you may follow the guide to cut out your piece of work. Once this is complete, it can be sanded ready for finishing with paint, stain or varnish.

With a vast array of products available the introduction of Woodwork has been an outstanding addition to our ever-popular Craft Centre.

Please note: Children under 14 years are not permitted to take part in Scroll Saws.

Children under 14 years must be supervised for Computer Assisted Routers.